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Are you smarter than an 11th-grader? Here’s a cute little test to gauge your English skills.

The questions you’ll find behind the link are taken from the SAT, the standardized exam that high school juniors in the U.S. take before applying to college. A few years ago the SAT was revamped to include more analysis of writing and grammar.

The new grammar content probably comes from the Test of Standard Written English, or TSWE, which used to be administered in tandem with the SAT. Can anyone confirm in the comments whether the questions were taken from there?

I remember cramming for the TSWE at twelve years old to gain admittance to a summer writing program. It was the first time I had to study grammar.

I don’t recall what I scored then, (I did get into the program), but this time I can dutifully report a 7/7.

How will you fare?

6 replies on “High School Grammar Hercules”

Woo hoo, 7/7 for me too!

I must say, some of those sentences, even with corrections, were….awkward at best.

Kenneth Mosssays:

The real question here is: Would anyone posting to this particular blog admit to missing even one????? (Or does one post “on” a blog??) Casey?

I sure hope they would, Kenneth. It would be fun to into the whys of the correct answers on those 7 grammar questions–I can always use more ideas for posts!

As for your other question: one posts on the blog proper. But one posts comments or just comments in response. I think the expression you’re looking for in your comment is “anyone posting comments on this blog” or “anyone posting comments on this entry.”

Congratulations, Beverly! Welcome to the ranks of the high-school-equivalent. 😉

Annie Glimmerglasssays:

7 out of 7. But of course.

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