About Belletra

Belletra provides English editing, English writing, and English translation from Spanish, Catalan and German. We specialize in clear language that communicates your message in an accessible and attractive way.

Editing and proofreading from Belletra will give your work polish and grace. Our process brings out the best in the writer, whether you are a literary professional, a corporate executive or a policy wonk. In addition to general developmental editing, Belletra also offers specialized editing in foreign and public policy, as well as English editing for non-native English speakers and writing coaching for students.

German, Spanish and Catalan translation into English from Belletra is fast and reliable. We adapt easily to special translation projects, and we can easily integrate any special terms or glossaries you provide. Our English translations are carried out using translation memories and automated glossaries created in-house, which help ensure consistency across multiple documents.

About the Name

The company name is taken from the French expression belles lettres, or beautiful words. In English, a belletrist is a writer in love with writing. In Spanish and Catalan, Belletra references bellas letras and belles lletres, respectively. The Germans use the word Belletristik to denote a work of fiction: literature that is an end in itself.

Belletra brings a love of fine words to the business of writing.