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One-Joke Post

As research on disoriented vs. disorientated continues, I bring you this sign of the times. I received the e-mail below from the professional translators’ association I belong to on the Internet:

Dear Community, invites you to the first online “Introduction to Bankruptcy Terminology” course.

This course offers a one-on-one, 3 hour online training session on bankruptcy translation, covering the largest areas of the topic.

Wow. Is the global picture really that bleak?

One reply on “One-Joke Post”

First, Casey, shouldn’t that have been “…association to which I belong…”???? The way you wrote that (“association I belong to…”) is something up with which I will not put. And second….yes indeed, although BK is harder to file for a consumer in the US these days, it remains a growth industry in the legal profession. Just not for this lawyer.

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